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Axess TMC XAtlas Access Control System

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Axess TMC XAtlas is the company security management software.


XAtlas: the security management platform that manages access control, people safety, collection of attendance detection data, anti-intrusion, fire prevention, video surveillance, meal management in the company canteens and many other things too.

XAtlas is the company security management software. Modular, scalable, multi-company and multi-site, with distributed intelligence that can be expanded at any moment and that adapts to the changing company needs.


XAtlas grows with the companyThe system is scalable, multi-company, multi-site and grows with the size of the company. This is why the data is subject to strict visibility rules to guarantee confidentiality and privacy, abiding by the most rigorous standards.

XAtlas is an integrated security system that constantly monitors all the equipment and connected sub-systems, and allows remote configuration thus avoiding expensive interventions on site. Thanks to the automatic relation rules function, the system automatically applies the best intervention rules based on the type of situation that occurs. For example, if an unauthorized access attempt occurs, the video registrations of the event are automatically marked and saved so the operator can be warned in real time.

Access control is carried out for all people, both company employees, visitors or external collaborators, and on all vehicles entering the company premises.

It is possible at any time to know the situation regarding people and vehicle presence in company areas in order to guarantee an efficient intervention by emergency teams in the event of disaster or accident.

XAtlas shares the information with the other company software, such as attendance management, shift management, canteen management and many others, allowing optimization of information flows.

XAtlas manages an unlimited number of companies, branches and users; these characteristics, together with the scalability and functional completeness, make this product suitable for realities of any size, type and sector.

XAtlas guarantees total confidentiality for data. Access to software and all the information is protected tracing all the operations carried out by operators.

XAtlas allows integration of security subsystems: alarmsvideo-surveillance, perimeter protection, fire-prevention and many others too. A unique, integrated solution made with the best technological tools to make daily work easier and to guarantee maximum security for people, assets and information.
XAtlas responds to all security, efficiency and strategic protection needs.

Xatlas-icona-piccola VERSATILE


An access control system that monitors access according to company needs. Entrance monitoring can be scheduled and adapted to any company.


A simple but sophisticated security and attendance detection system, that can manage hundreds of terminals and entrances as part of a system architecture that operates in full observance of company policies for network security and data integrity.


Xatlas-icona-piccola SIMPLE


It allows easy, fast programming of settings and also updating after company needs have evolved. The WEB interface allows functions to be personalized according to the type of operator, so that no unnecessary or redundant information is provided to anyone who does not use it.


Xatlas-icona-piccola SECURE


It constantly keeps all managed systems under control, allowing automatic reactions to specific events (e.g. automatic opening of doors in the event of fire).


Xatlas-icona-piccola PRECISE


It provides the updated situation on employees and visitors inside the company in real time. It provides appointed operators with the information that must be verified, by email, SMS or APP. It is also possible to export data (also automatically and scheduled) gaining operativeness and simplicity of use.


Xatlas-icona-piccola INTEGRATED and CUSTOMIZABLE


The various XAtlas modules allow integration with third-party software and hardware, using, for example, web services; XAtlas can interact with applications, exploiting different methods and technologies, which makes it a unique solution for functional completeness and multi-application integration.

Customizable and scalable according to company needs.


Xatlas-icona-piccola COMPLETE


It includes all functions necessary for full management of company security of people and things. XAtlas carries out all scheduled functions autonomously and precisely.


Xatlas-icona-piccola WITH WEB TECHNOLOGY


The use of software applications developed with WEB technology allows a reduction of management costs: more information available to a larger number of users simplifies communication processes and eliminates requests, information and authorizations on paper. XAtlas is web-based, accessible and usable in a simple, intuitive manner