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Model: VA-450
Menşei: İsviçre





Reliable in every situation





The VA-450 is a compact all inclusive voice evacuation system already integrating all important functions and components. It is optimally suited to all premises and installations in which a PA system is used for emergency announcements and is thus a central part of the safety and security concept, complying with the full scope of standard EN 54-16. The permanent self-surveillance provides warning of failure to any component critical to system operation and even switches over automatically to the integrated emergency power supply or stand by amplifier. PA announcement into each individual zone in combination with background music completes the high functionality of this compact evacuation system.

• Fully self monitored
• Built-in MP3 modul
• 3 fully independent amplifiers 150 W (1 stand-by amplifier)
• 2 monitored inputs for triggering of evacuation and alert messages
• Integrated and monitored battery backup
• Amplifier and loudspeaker monitoring
• Fault logging