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Axess TMC SuperGLASS4

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Model: Axess TMC Super Glass 4
Menşei: İtalya

Web-based Access Control and Time & Attendance terminal that combines a compact and elegant design with reliability and robustness.


Innovative, easy and user-friendly

SuperGLASS 4 is a Time Attendance terminal and a gate controller for high security access control. Equipped with a 4.3-inch colour capacitive or resistive touchscreen with vertical or horizontal installation and buzzer for acoustic signals.

Suitable for SMEs to large industries. In small systems, the Web Table Editor function allows managing, even in autonomy, the entire access control system directly from a PC browser, eliminating the need to install communication and configuration software.


Ready to use

Thanks to the integrated Time & Attendance and Access Control application.


Configurable via FTP or via web

With any browser it is possible to define the access control criteria, insert users and cards, time slots, reasons for the codes and manage controlled gates.


With SuperGLASS4 and FingerBOX or managing up to 8 XFinger readers, it is possible the enrollement and the distribution of fingerprints to the terminals.

Equipped with POE technology

SuperGLASS 4 can be installed with a single Ethernet cable for data transfer and power supply.


Equipped with long-life battery

A standard internal battery keeps it operating for one hour.


Equipped with External USB 2.0 port

For copying transaction records to a memory stick; password protected.


S4 has multi technology reader RF5

It is able to read cards:

  • 125 KHZ EM4102 and compatible.
  • 13,56 MHz Mifare: Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K, Classic EV1 1K, DESFIRE.
  • 14443A
  • tag NFC Forum Type2.

(The RF5 Reader can be configured in a unidirectional (entrance or exit) or bidirectional (entrance and exit) mode.

S4 is able to read 125KHz and 13,56 Mhz technology, this guarantees advantages for multi technology environments or during the change of technology of cards ).

  • white list management
  • time slots management
  • complete control of two gates
  • clear display of time and direction of the transit
  • effective reporting of transaction results
  • the ability to perform transactions with PIN via virtual keyboard
  • free definition of the reasons
  • display of customised messages for users
  • the ability to display all the time records made by one user