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Web-Based Fingerprint Terminal for Access Control and Time Attendance. 

Product Features:

* WinCE,Linux and Android operating system with Browser, FTP server and SQL Database embedded.

* 7” touch screen; each terminal has built-in web-based management software. Other than that we provide a free central management software ( + SQL Express) for larger-scaled networking.

* Can use either a terminal or a PC as the server for Synchronizing all the connected slave terminals.

* Optical fingerprint sensor + 125KHz and 13.56 MHz badge reader.

* Auto reconciliation of user & fingerprint account among multiple terminals in network.

* Allow 9,500 fingerprints storage (two fingerprints each user), 30,000 RF badges and 250,000 events.

* Color touch screen wallpaper is replaceable for displaying custom graphis design & company logo.