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Model: EVAC-MC
Menşei: İsviçre





Compact voice alarm system with master clock and emergency power supply system



The EVAC-MC system is a compact voice alerting system for the school sector with integrated master clock. It serves the purpose of controlling analogue and digital clocks, tripping time-controlled messages and signals, generating voice announcements, controlling background sound and direct tripping of safety-related and security-related signals and messages. The integrated emergency power supply system guarantees operation in the event of power failure.
The system is suitable for all premises and installations requiring targeted, simultaneous voice information in all areas. Time-controlled signals, such as break bell, can also be integrated.

EVAC-MC trip unit with master clock and emergency power supply system:
• Integrated SD card for programming the time-controlled events
• Output using the time-code or pulse method for the synchronization of the analogue and digital clocks
• Connection for GPS or DCF antennas
• Time-controlled contacts (2) and audio outputs (2) with DIP switch preselection (Audio 1)
• 2 protected buttons to initiate predefined voice files
• 1 Reset button for «alarm» and power-failure buzzer 
• Integrated emergency power supply system for bypassing mains power failures

LC-CD-250 unit:
• Digital amplifier LC-CD-250, 250 W / 100 V
• 6 (4) universal inputs for microphones or AUX
• Priority contacts or voice activation / activation via EVAC-MC