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Kategori: Seslendirme ve Acil Anons Sistemleri
Model: Compact-S
Menşei: İsviçre





The universal systems






The Compact-S Universal Audio Centre is ideally suited for use in sales areas, medical practices, restaurants, small to medium sized event venues – in fact anywhere where background music either on its own or in combination with announcements is required. As a modular system the Compact-S Audio Centre can be adapted to achieve the desired result in all kinds of situations: From the tuner module via telephone interfaces to public address from the digital microphone console in up to four different zones. The digital amplifier range from 50 – 250 W with 100 V technology allows for implementation in larger spaces without restriction in respect of placement and combination of any loudspeaker types.

• Background music
• Digital amplifiers 50 – 250 W
• Selective announcements into 4 zones
• Pause signal
• Chime, speech, advertisement player
• Modular expandable:
– CD -, USB -, SD-Player
– Digital voice recorder
– Telephone interface
– Microphone mixing module