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Axess TMC AxDoor

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Model: Axess TMC AxDoor
Menşei: İtalya

Web-based controllers for the management of people and gates.

AX DOOR is a versatile and fully configurable ethernet controller that can be managed from an intuitive web browser.

His advanced technology makes it the perfect device for high demanding access control applications where compact size and excellent performance are required.

AX DOOR can be managed in real time by a HTTP server. It can receive badge readings and variations detected by eight balanced inputs, as well as send the initial configuration, other data and commands, and respond in real time to any requests for external validation of transits.

AX DOOR può essere gestito in tempo reale da un server HTTP: il controllore riceve comandi HTTP dal server e invia messaggi HTTP con le variazioni degli input o le letture di badge.

Gate management via web

The status of the gates controlled is displayed in real time and can be changed (open, blocked…) by sending a simple command.


On-board diagnostics

All the events are recorded in a text fi le. The level of details of the information recorded can be configured.


Configurable via web

Users and their authorisations can be added, changed and removed easily from the web; all the transactions can be displayed or downloaded from a browser with a simple click.



Up to eight 485 biometric readers with RF reader. Fingerprints are registered by users on terminals with display (X1, X2 and SuperTRAX Light) and then transferred to the controller which in turn sends them to connected biometric readers.